Rachel Rodman


The Gingerbread Pox. Fireside Fiction (2017).

Seven Choices. The Future Fire, 40 (2017).

A (Condensed) Dictionary of Mythological Characters. The Journal of Compressed Creative Arts (2017).

Four Christmas Miracles. Grievous Angel, Seasonal Fiction (2016).

Dorothy. Daily Science Fiction, 5/30 (2016).

His Name-O. On the Premises, 27 (2016).
     (Third Place, Spring 2016 Contest. Premise: Changes.)

A Map of the Sky. Sein und Werden: Mappa Mundi (2015).

A Partridge in a Pear Tree. Sein und Werden: The Restless Consumer (2015).

Now We Are Ten. Sein und Werden: Now We Are 10 (2014).

The Third Wife of Jonah. Gone Lawn, 16 (2014).

Jack and Henry: A Shakespearean Chimera. Sein und Werden: Theatrum Diabolorum (2014).

ATTENTION TAPEWORMS! You are pigs. Nothing but statuesque pigs. You think
you're Tibetan, but you're not.Sein und Werden: Randomly-Generated Surrealism (2014).
      (Nominated for a Pushcart Prize)

The Discovery of Threonine. Sein und Werden: Oulipo (2014).

The Phylonauts. Sein und Werden: Auto de Fe (2013).

Philanderer. Sein und Werden: Not Quite Human (2013).
     (Nominated for a Pushcart Prize)

From Many Pieces. Sein und Werden: Exquisite Corpse (2013).

Experimental Breeds: Bears, Clothed in Rumpled Hoods, Pipe “Rapunzel” to the
Sleeping Pigs. PANK, 6.17 (2011).

STRC and CATSPER2. The Human Genre Project, 15 (2011).

Rb1. The Human Genre Project, 13 (2011).

Alcohol Dehydrogenase. The Human Genre Project, 4 (2011).